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clock strikes 12

One of your last goals for 2012 should be to write done your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions before the clock strikes 12:00 am!

This can be a hard task for some people.

Where should you begin?!?!

  1. REFLECT: Take 5-10 minutes for yourself today to think about YOU with minimal distractions. It only takes a moment to think about the past year (this would be a great time to look back at your 2012 resolution and see if you accomplished your resolutions and/or how you can improve them) and where you want to be in a year.
  2. DOCUMENT: Write your resolution down on a sticky note, refrigerator white board, smart phone note, word document or email/text yourself! You have to document your resolution so you won’t forget them as you will refer back to them during the entire year of 2013!
  3. SMART: Create resolutions that are challenging, but you will achieve by following the SMART acronym to guide you!
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Time-bound

Bad examples: I want to lose weight. I will start going to the gym. I want to call my grandparents more often.

Good Examples: I want to lose 10 lbs (to be 135 lbs) in 4 months and I will weigh in once a week to see my progress! In 1 month, I will be working out at the gym before or after work for at least 30 minutes 3 times per week. Starting this week, I will call my grandparents every Sunday between 2-4pm.

You can make 1 resolution or multiple resolutions, as long as they are realistic for you to complete 100%!

4.  SHARE: Tell someone your resolutions. This way they can see how you are doing with your resolutions throughout the year and motivate you to continue to reach them! Maybe that someone will join you on a few your resolutions and you can help each other be accountable and successful!

Sadly, I never wrote down my 2012 resolutions and I am really really wishing I did! However, at least I have my top 25 Memorable Memories Being 25 years old to look back on my accomplishments and my 2012 Jar of Memories that I can’t wait to open when I get back to Saint Louis!

2012 Jar of Memories!

2012 Jar of Good Memories!

All I can do now is do things differently this year by writing down my resolutions…I am even making them public! I am on the train for 2.5 hours. I have absolutely no excuse to not have my resolutions written down before I get off the train. So here I go!

  1. Obtain a dietitian position (at least part time, prefer full time) in 6 months (by end of April).
  2. Complete a half iron man by the end of the Summer (end of August)
  3. All my subjects for my thesis research will be recruited and beginning, if not finished, my study’ requirements by end of March.
  4. Write a blog post at least once a week for the entire year! Watch at least one webinar and/or go to a lecture to enhance my blog by the end of the year.
  5. Join a running and/or cycling group and crossfit within 1 month of moving. Commit to at least 1 day per week to run/bike with group and do at least 2 crossfit sessions per week.
  6. At the end of every season, give at least one bag of clothes to goodwill! NO exceptions.
  7. Starting January 1st, see a family member at least once per month and skype a family member or friend at least once per week!
  8. Cook at least 3 dinners per week (not including leftovers).
  9. Go to at least one nutrition related conference this year to keep up to date with topics/trends and network within my profession!
  10. Engage in at least 5 new physical adventures that I have never done before by the end of the year! (this one is little vague…but I am interested in what I come up with!)

10 New Year’s Resolutions might be a lot for many people, but I wanted to cover the most important things in my life, MY FAMILY/FRIENDS, MY HEALTH, and MY PROFESSION, in order to keep myself motivated, centered, successful, and happy! I have realized that time flies by! I want to use my time wisely, not regret the past, and to keep moving forward in life.


Tomorrow is a New Day, a New Year!

Remember you can always be a better person than you are today!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Where did you write down your 2013 Resolutions?

 I would love if you shared a nutrition or exercise related resolution with me! The more times you write down your resolutions, the more likely you will stick to it!