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Today marks the 1st day I get to be an Elf for Health!

What is an Elf for Health???? Basically, over a 2 week period, I will help someone conquer daily health challenges, created by Elle and Lindsay (creator of Foodie Pen Pals), and also motivate them to reach their own health challenges through email communication. Not only do I get to help someone, but that same person gets to help me reach the daily challenges and my personal health goals! I have the opportunity to be an elf for 3 people through the holidays (every 2 weeks for 6 weeks)!

This week’s daily challenges

Monday: Go Meatless

Tuesday: Send a card or handwritten note to a friend

Wednesday: Try a new workout today!

Thursday: Get up 15 minutes early to meditate and reflect

Friday: How many colors can you eat today?

Weekend: Clean out your closet! Fill a bag with clothes to donate to Goodwill or send to Sandy victims.

My personal challenges this week:

1. Be in bed by at least 11 pm Monday-Thursday and read a fun book for 10 minutes.

2. Only fruit, yogurt, or hot chocolate after dinner to control my sweet tooth!

3. Call or skype at least 2 friends I need to catch up with!

I will be an elf to Danica, who will be my elf too! I think we both have a lot to offer to motivate each other dominate all the challenges!

For more details about this program visit Elf for Health. Anyone can become an elf! Therefore, if you are interested in becoming an elf and want to receive motivation from someone on a daily basis to look fit and fabulous over holidays, you can join for the second and/or third round of elves. Check it out!

What is one healthy goal you want to reach this week?!?!?

You can always join me in today’s challenge: Meatless Monday!